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About BGI Analytics

Our story

BGI Analytics est une équipe de visionnaires expérimentés qui facilite les projets d'efficacité énergétique dans les bâtiments et site industriels.

The company was founded by Jacques and Michel, two friends constantly looking for the most efficient way to manage buildings. Their curiosity combined with their significant expertise in building management and automation have led them to collaborate with Canmet Energy on continuous commissioning projects. That’s when their vision of Dybee was born: A complete toolbox that gives you a better and easier management of the operation and continuous energy consumption.

Thereafter, Benoît, an automation engineer, joined the team. By having a solid experience in project management, energy optimization and continuous process improvement, he immediately made an important contribution.

As the saying goes: “Alone I go faster, together, we go further.” These three pioneers quickly understood the importance of working together and surrounding yourself with passionate programmers and analysts. Cooperation created your Dybee solution.

The very first implantation of analytical platform was a real success. Energy saving was significant, occupant complaints had greatly decreased, the ecological footprint was substantially reduced and above all, managers, technical teams and experts were working together toward a common goal.

Given to many positive impacts of the combination of our analytical solution and human expertise, we have only one goal: “Reducing environmental impact of buildings with the implementation of our solution on many sites as possible, in partnership with the best firms and energy experts.”

We believe that talent and collective intelligence are the only way to truly address this climate crisis.

Our mission

Together, reduce environmental impacts of industrial processes and buildings

  • Environment:

    Our success is to bring more and more industries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.

  • Cooperation:

    Always ready to answer questions and to provide food for thought, we make sure to offer all the support and tools you need to succeed.

  • Innovation:

    Our openness, our team spirit and our desire to improve energy consumption on a large scale, lead us to continuously surpass ourselves.

  • Rigour:

    At BGI we are passionate people who offer the best of themselves. Thus, continuous improvement, the search for accuracy and consistency are at the heart of our work.

  • Fun:

    Fundamental in everyone's work, we never miss the opportunity to laugh and have fun with our colleagues, clients and partners.